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Right now is a great time to trade in your current Ford vehicle for a new one. Maybe you want to sell it outright, which is fine. Please use the trade-in tool Corry Ford provides to get an idea about the value. Our team is waiting to help you make a deal on your Ford sales and purchase. Explore our digital tools and start the process today!


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Selling to a Dealership

Private sales could come with many hassles in the North East, PA region. Would-be buyers may not be interested and end up bailing on the deal. Even if the sale goes through, there could be unfortunate issues that arise. An unhappy customer might keep contacting the seller and cause annoyances and hassles. You can avoid all this hassle by selling to a dealership.

The Certified Pre-Owned Program

Ford shoppers find the Ford certified pre-owned models worth a second look. These models come with a multi-point inspection and a warranty, making them preferable for buyers looking for some guarantees. Anyone looking to sell a vehicle that fits the Ford CPO requirements might get a good deal.

There's more news for sellers. Ford launched a unique version of the traditional Ford CPO program and dubbed the "Ford Blue Advantage." There are two different certifications available, meaning there are two different requirements that Waterford, PA drivers must consider.

"Gold Certified" models present 80,000 miles or less, and their age cap is six years or less. "Blue Certified" vehicles must be 10 years old or newer and have 120,000 miles or less on the odometer. The extended age and mileage requirements open doors for more sellers to take advantage of the program.

Trading in Your Ford

Your current car might be fine, but several reasons could motivate you to purchase a different model. Maybe you want to purchase a new Ford, or you may need to switch from a pickup truck to an SUV. Putting a down payment on a newer vehicle is still an option, but don't overlook the benefits of trading in your current vehicle. If you don't want to keep the old car, why not offer it as a trade-in? Doing so could be a better deal than trying to sell.

Now is the Time to Trade or Sell

Once again, now is the time to sell or trade a Ford or another vehicle. Today might be the perfect time to buy a new Ford. Call our offices to discuss your plans.

How can we help?

The Right Time to Sell Your Ford

You could sell a Ford any time of the year, but right now might be a perfect time for Erie, PA drivers. Ford remains a top brand, one that Corry shoppers want to buy. A Ford Focus, F-150, Fiesta, or another top model could move from the inventory to a new owner right away. This scenario creates an opportunity for you right now. We want to buy your Ford, and we'll make a cash offer.

Evaluating a Trade-In

Whether choosing to trade a vehicle or sell one, valuating the model serves as a necessary first step. Reference books provide general information on how much a model is worth to Titusville, PA drivers, and we provide a way to get a more precise figure. Our online trade-in tool allows would-be traders and sellers to enter information about their car, truck, or SUV. The details allow the tool to present a ballpark figure regarding its worth.

The items that go into the valuation tool are nothing unexpected. Make, model, and year mean a great deal when it comes to setting a price. Other factors, such as condition and mileage, also mean a lot. Enter all the necessary information into the tool, and then you'll receive an idea about the value.

Be aware that the tool provides a general price figure, and sellers/traders could still speak to someone in our Ford sales office about a price. Our team will answer any questions sellers or traders from the Warren, PA area might ask.