At Corry Ford, we're fortunate to carry a wide variety of Fords in Corry. For so long, Ford cars, SUVs, and trucks have enjoyed a lot of popularity. Ford has built a reputation for building high-quality vehicles that people can count on. These models are practical and convenient, while others offer a more thrilling experience. The company has focused a good deal of attention on integrating advanced infotainment systems and safety packages into its models in recent years. Things keep getting better, and more innovations are soon coming.

One new idea that Ford is embracing has to do with e-commerce. Ford has signed a deal with Stripe, an online payment processor. This will make it much easier for our Warren, PA and Titusville, PA customers to complete transactions using digital payments. We've all become so accustomed to paying for items online, and soon, people can use online payments to pay for their new Fords as well. It's important to keep things as convenient as possible for customers, and this is one way the company is adapting to the changing market.

Ford has brought in a lot of new trims and models to the market. In recent years, the Mustang Mach-E, Ford Bronco, Ford Bronco Sport, and Ford Maverick have been gaining attention. They offer a unique twist on crossovers, SUVs, and trucks, respectively, and their popularity shows how much people are interested in new, creative approaches to vehicles.

Another new option for Erie, PA drivers is the Ford F-150 Lightning. It's an all-electric truck that will have a big impact on the truck market. It's more powerful than many competitors, and as a 100% electric vehicle, it doesn't require any gas. Charging has become very convenient, as more and more public charging stations pop up all the time. Most customers who drive electric vehicles charge their batteries at night or during periods when they aren't planning on driving for a few hours, so it works out well. Customers around the country have already been reserving their new F-150 Lightnings. They're able to choose their trim and color, with some extra customization available. The first wave of order conversion invitations have already gone out, and the second wave has just gotten underway, too.

In addition to the F-150 Lightning, a trim that's creating some buzz is the new Ranger Splash. There are going to be some limited editions released this year. Each will have its design theme. The Snow Edition has an Avalanche exterior paint and gray accents. The others will be the Forest Edition, painted in a Forged Green, and the Sand Edition with a Desert Sand exterior color. They all have dark seats with gray stitching and carbon weave tuxedo stripes.

In other news, Ford has filed a patent on a new tailgate for a pickup truck. This tailgate is a multifunction unit with a hidden door built into it. Swinging this door open allows for easier access to the truck bed. The door is integrated into the center of the tailgate, and it can fold down with the rest of the tailgate in a traditional manner. Our F-Series has a pop-out tailgate step to boost drivers as they load or unload cargo. It's expected that this new multifunction tailgate will have a pop-out step, too. Then, there's going to be a bumper step that can be folded out of the built-in door. We're still waiting on details about when we'll see this tailgate and in which vehicles it will be found.

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