With your kids returning to school, it's a good time to take advantage of our service specials at Corry Ford. They're a great way to help you save while you keep your kids safe as you drive them to school in your Ford car, truck or SUV. Look for our coupons and special offers on service and maintenance items that are uniquely family-friendly.

Examples of service coupons to help families save as they go back to school

Look online for special money-saving coupons on family-safety service and parts like a very helpful rebate when you buy four tires from popular select brands like Michelin® and Goodyear. Another example of how we can help keep you and your kids safe is a special coupon for "The Works® offering FordPass™ Rewards points when you get tire rotation and pressure check, brake inspection and quite a bit more.

One other way we can help you look out for your family's safety is our special coupon with FordPass™ bonus points when you buy and install Motorcraft® brake pads. We also help you make your brakes even safer as you drive around Erie or Warren PA with a very attractive price on complete Motorcraft® brake service.

Let us help you make this school year your safest one ever

No matter what kind of Ford car, SUV or truck model your family uses as your kids' transportation, before or after school, please check online for special offers and coupons. At Corry Ford in Corry, PA, we want to make it as easy as possible to keep your precious cargo safe with every mile you drive in Titusville, North East PA or wherever your family lives.

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