If you've been shopping for a new model but haven't wanted to break the bank financing a vehicle hot off the presses or pre-order a model that will take months to come, the remainign2 2021 inventory is for you. Here at Corry Ford, we're proud to offer our local shoppers dozens of new 2021 Ford models to shop from. These choices span from beloved family-centric SUVs to work-ready trucks and are still brand-new, undriven models. We need to move them to make room for more models, so we're offering exclusive savings opportunities to our local Warren, PA shoppers. Start exploring your choices today.

A Few of the 2021 Innovations You Won't Want to Miss

The 2021 model year for the Ford lineup was phenomenal, offering numerous new model options, powerful drivetrain developments, and introductions of new technology and safety options. For example, the Ford Bronco Sport debuted in 2021 and offers drivers the perfect blend between all-road versatility, legacy style, and daily usability. You could also find popular SUV choices like the Ford EcoSport, a subcompact crossover, or the Ford Escape, a well-equipped SUV with seating for five and a generous cargo space.

If you've been looking for a truck, we think you'll be pleased with the 2021 Ford F-150 selection on our new car lot. We have F-150 trucks coming in a variety of configurations, equipped with popular engines like the V6 gas, V6 EcoBoost, and even V8. This model provides the choice for SYNC 4 infotainment, which was also a new technology introduction for 2021.

It's One of Your Last Chances to Get a Deal on a New 2021 Model

Our 2021 inventory consists of entirely brand-new vehicles, and even though some 2022 options have been hitting the lots, we encourage you to invest in superb innovations that 2021 models had to offer Ford customers. These models can be purchased with numerous incentives and special offers at this time, which is a great option for those that want to finance or lease a new car. Choosing 2021 over newer options also enables you to test drive and get your hands on your new vehicle today, instead of having to wait for a future model that hasn't arrived at our dealership yet.

Pick the Right Means of Financing for Your

Many shoppers come to our dealership wondering whether leasing or financing is better for their lifestyle and budget. Leasing is usually right for those that don't have extraordinarily long commutes and do most city driving around Titusville, PA, enabling them to manage a mileage limit without issue. Lease payments are also typically less than financing payments, which means you can save month-to-month. Those who want to invest in a new vehicle may want to modify it to suit their lifestyle and eventually reap the benefits of paying off the price of their car for no monthly car payments will prefer a loan.

Enjoy Service Expertise Moving Forward in Erie, PA

One of the key elements of buying a new car is knowing that the dealership you buy with has your back for the long haul. We can provide this type of security with our expert service team. We'll be here to provide you with all the support you need as you embark on your new car ownership experience, from the first maintenance appointment to those repairs ten years down the line.

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