Did you know you should prepare your Ford for the winter weather? A few small steps could change how you drive in the cold weather and make the biggest difference in your and your family's safety as the seasons change. Learn the ins and outs with your local Ford experts.

What We'll Look at When You Bring Your Car in for Winter Prep

If you choose to bring your vehicle in for its winter service with our team, which we highly recommend, we'll cover the following in your appointment:

  • Check Your Battery: This will ensure the electric components of your vehicle are working properly. For example, you'll want to use those seat warmers in January and February.
  • Check Your Brakes: As arguably the most vital part of your vehicle's construction, making sure your brakes are in good condition before tackling an icy hill is typically a good idea.
  • Replace Your Air Filter: With a fresh air filter, you can have peace of mind that the air entering your cabin is as clean as possible when the heat is on.
  • Replace/Check Your Windshield Wipers and Fluid: You likely use your wiper fluid more in the winter than in warmer, sunnier months. With a fresh set of blades and a full tank of fluid, you can be prepared for frosty mornings.

What You Can Do to Prepare Your Vehicle for Cold Weather

In addition to bringing your model into the dealership for a winter service preparation appointment, there are also a few things you can do to ensure your continued safety while driving during cold weather. A few of these recommendations include:

  • Pack a winter emergency kit: A basic first-aid kit along with practical emergency tools like flares, a blanket, jumper cables, and a flashlight can make all the difference if you get stuck on the side of the road during a storm.
  • Keep winter clothing on board: It's not a bad idea to throw a few old winter jackets, gloves, hats, and scarves in the trunk as the weather turns cold in case of an emergency.
  • Ensure you have a spare tire: Sometimes we have to use our spare and then forget to replace it—this could make all the difference in the event of a flat caused by snow or ice.
  • Follow local weather recommendations: As always, we recommend keeping an eye on your local weather experts each day to ensure you don't embark on a long drive when the weather is slated to turn ugly. Head winter weather advisories with seriousness.

Why is Winter Weather Maintenance Important?

Winter weather preparation for your vehicle is a vital part of your safety and your car's longevity. Most people are aware that cold weather is harsher on their vehicles than warm weather is. When all of those moving parts have to take the time to warm up, tackle slick road conditions, and persevere despite subzero temperatures—the work can take its toll. With a quick service appointment, you can ensure your car is being looked after, so it can perform its best and keep you warm and safe.

Schedule Your Winter Service Appointment near Erie, PA Today

It's not difficult to schedule an appointment with the team here at Hues Ford of Corry. We're located minutes from local hotspots like Warren, PA, and Titusville, PA, placing us at the perfect location for many of our nearby drivers who want to get ready for cold weather quickly and expertly. We highly encourage you to schedule your appointment online—it only takes a few minutes, thanks to our easy online scheduling tool that can b utilized anywhere on the go.

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