You know your Ford vehicle is "Built Tough," but you also realize that for your car, truck or Sports Utility Vehicle to run smoothly year after year, you do have to perform certain maintenance regularly. Summer maintenance is just as important as winter maintenance. In fact, you should remember that any extremes in heat or cold can be detrimental to the health of your vehicle.

Here's a list of the essential maintenance procedures or steps you should complete at the beginning of summer:

  • Check the coolant system
  • Ensure engine belts are in good shape
  • Replace wiper blades, if necessary
  • Evaluate other essential fluids
  • Test the air conditioning system
  • Replace the air filter, if necessary
  • Evaluate the health of your tires

Check the coolant system

Check all the fluids, and, if necessary, flush the coolant system. Add new fluids if necessary. Ensure there are no leaks

Ensure the engine belts are in good shape

Inspect the engine belts for any rips or tears or other wear. If necessary, replace the belts

Replace the wipers

If it has been more than six months since you replaced your wiper blades, no matter how healthy they appear to be to the eye, go ahead and replace them with new wiper blades

Evaluate other essential fluids

Even if it is not time for an oil change, it is a good idea at the beginning of the summer to check that essential fluid, along with transmission fluid. You should top off these fluids if they need it, and, if you are within 1,000 miles of an oil change, go ahead and do so, especially if you plan to travel. Also check brake fluid as well as the fluids in the windshield wipers and the power-steering fluid.

Ensure the air conditioning system is working properly

The summer heat can really tax even the healthiest air conditioning system. Have your trusted service tech check the air conditioning at the beginning of summer

Air Filter

Replace the air filter every six months.


Your tires are the most important part of what you're riding on, so ensure proper tire pressure is in each tire. Have the service tech check for a healthy tread level. Rotate or replace tires as necessary.

Keeping your Ford healthy from season to season lengthens the life of your vehicle. See us at our Corry Ford service department in order to prep your vehicle for the summer season.

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